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 to heal 

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 we are 

Much of the discourse and advocacy around the needs of Black girls centers their deficits, not their strengths. The Black Girls Handgames Project is a DC community based grassroots program dedicated to uplifting the joyful experiences of Black girlhood, by studying and promoting the cultural tradition of handgames. The project combines the sounds of hip-hop with age old games such as Miss Mary Mack, Gigolo, and Rockin’ Robin  to produce affirming and creative learning spaces that elevate the shared experiences among Black women, girls and femmes. The project also serves as an initiative to promote racial and gender equality in the field of music production, teaching fundamental skills in beat-making.


 we do 

Explore the history and positive benefits of handgames as a creative intervention through discussion and group learning activities

Experiment with sampling and beat-making techniques using professional music production equipment

A two-hour interactive experience including games, djing and live musical performances

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